• 'Tranquility' CBD Flower
  • 'Tranquility' CBD Flower
  • 'Tranquility' CBD Flower

'Tranquility' CBD Flower

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Unwind and decompress from the daily grind with the 'Tranquility' CBD Flower. This vibrant green tonic is packed with juicy berry aromas and sweet tones, so you can get back to feeling your best! Try Tranquility today – guaranteed to bring you peace of mind!


The product is designated exclusively for commercial, technical and scientific use. Store out of reach of children. Product may not be transported abroad. The ingestion and smoking of this product are strictly prohibited. These processed European industrial hemp flowers contain less than 0,2% THC. The product name bears no significance or context to other products and is solely used for marketing purposes.

The flowers may differ in color from the pictures shown, depending on the harvest.